Harry Potter Personalised Acceptance, London Studio Tour & Forbidden Forest Letter

Harry Potter Personalised Acceptance, London Studio Tour & Forbidden Forest Letter
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Welcome to The Harry Potter Personalised Experience Letter

Created by Wizarding Wonders Ltd.

A truly magical way to advise the recipient they've been accepted at Hogwarts or they're off to visit a Harry Potter Experience.

Simply provide us with the recipients name & address for us to create a magical personalised invitation in the style of the Acceptance Letter Harry Potter receives.

Variations available & description:

Acceptance Letter - Invitation to Hogwarts

WB London Studio Tour - Invitation to visit the Warner Bro's London Studio Tour

The Cursed Child Play - Invitation to visit Harry Potter and The Cursed Child Play in London

Forbidden Forrest - Invitation to visit Harry Potter: A Forbidden Forest Experience

Universal Studios Florida - Invitation to visit The Wizarding Word of Harry Potter in Florida U.S.A.

Replica Letter - Acceptance Letter to Harry - Our Acceptance Letter creation with Harry Potter's name and address


Select letter from variation menu

How to Personalise:

Using Comments Box at Checkout, or by sending an email after purchase - contact@wizardingwonders.com

We print Harry Potter's details if no name/address is advised. 

The details we require to create your perfect Letter are:


Title & Name:    Mr. Harry Potter,
Room:    The Cupboard under the Stairs,
Number & Street:    4, Privet Drive,
Town:    Little Whinging,
County:    Surrey

We will print Room: The Cupboard under the Stairs, used as default.
This can be replaced with wording that better describes the recipients bedroom e.g.
The Messiest Room, The Unicorn Room, etc.

We will also print the date of the experience if required.

Adding a date is optional:
Experience Letters - Visit date 
Acceptance Letter - Birthday date or custom date

"Date to be advised" is printed if no date is given.

When no personalisation is required  - select "Replica" for an Acceptance Letter addressed to Harry.

Sorting Hat Notice included!

This is optional and is not required to create your letter

Advise of which Hogwarts House the recipient would like to be a part of and we'll include a small surprise that will make their day even more magical.

Free Separate Short Message

We're frequently asked to include a "short" special message e.g. Happy Birthday, Merry Christmas, Bring your parents, etc.
To keep the Letter true to the Book/Movie, we will create a special message separately in a magical font.
This is optional and is not required to create your letter.

What's Included:
1 x Letter of invitation to Hogwarts or Harry Potter Experience - A5
1 x Real Wax Seal on envelope
1 x Hogwarts Express Ticket
1 x List of Requirements
1 x Hogwarts Envelope
Bound by natural string

Order(s) are posted to the delivery address provided in protective discrete packaging.
The recipient will not know what's inside.

If you have completed purchase and have forgotten something, please send an email asap: contact@wizardingwonders.com

We'll print the exact details we're advised of and we will try to correct any obvious spelling mistakes. 

Main image is for illustration purposes only.
Our letter creation features intricate detailing and is printed on card.
Please note, personalised orders cannot be returned.

If you have any questions/requests, please ask before purchase.